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Car Accident Chiropractor Newark DE Near Me

Car Accident Injuries In Newark, DE

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it can be important to get the proper care and treatment for your injuries as soon as possible. At Pike Creek Chiropractic Center, our chiropractor is on standby to help residents of Newark, DE, get the chiropractic care they need after a car accident. From whiplash treatment to back pain treatment, our chiropractor and the rest of our care team will develop a treatment plan to help you recover. To learn more about how our team can help you find relief after a car accident injury, read on below or call us now.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries, some of which are more common than others. Whiplash is one of the most frequent car accident injuries because it results from the quick movement of the head and neck. Back pain, neck pain, and headaches are also common after a car accident. Even if there’s no visible sign of injury, you may still have soft tissue damage that can be uncomfortable.

When to Visit a Chiropractor

It can help to seek care after a car accident, even if your injuries don’t appear to be serious. Our0 chiropractor can help diagnose any underlying soft tissue damage and develop a treatment plan that helps you recover. The longer you wait for treatment, the more likely you are to suffer from chronic pain that might have been prevented with proper care.

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How Our Car Accident Care Plan Works

Structural Correction Chiropractic

The body has a natural ability to heal itself but is often hindered by structural imbalances.  Physical and emotional stress result in pain, reduced mobility, and other health problems.  We detect and correct these imbalances to restore health and well-being.


Your personalized treatment plan will focus on correcting any imbalances or weakness, improving movement patterns, and restoring normal function.  We design this plan based on your specific situation to help you get out of pain and achieve all your health goals.

Nervous System
Based Approach

The nervous system is the master control system, it controls every cell, tissue, muscle, and organ in the body.  By focusing on the nervous system and optimizing its function, we can improve your overall health, reduce headaches, and prevent future health problems.

Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries in Newark, DE

Our chiropractor at Pike Creek Chiropractic Center is experienced in treating many types of car accident injuries. Whether you’ve been involved in a minor fender bender or major pileup, our care team can help provide targeted treatments to help speed up your recovery process.

Our chiropractor will perform an examination to determine the source of your pain, then develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Treatments may include:

  • Whiplash treatment: Our chiropractor can use special techniques to help reduce pain and restore range of motion in your neck.
  • Back pain treatment: We’ll provide targeted treatments designed to help reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and relieve tension in the muscles.
  • Headache treatment: Our care team may recommend spinal manipulation to alleviate persistent headache pain.

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At Pike Creek Chiropractic Center, we are dedicated to helping you find relief from your car accident injuries quickly. Call us today for more information on how our team can help you recover after a car accident injury. We look forward to helping you get back on the road to health and wellness. Call us at (302) 737-9601 for our office in Newark, DE.

Read Our Online Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Cristina Crespo
Cristina Crespo
Decided to see Dr. South seeking help with aches due to many years of bad posture. Was very pleased since the first visit with how detailed everything explained and have learned a lot along the way about the many ways chiropractic care can help our general ways. One of which I have already experienced! I had been experiencing some hearing loss on my left ear for a few weeks which I attributed to a healing piercing just because I still had some swelling and had not paid too much attention to it. To my surprise after only a couple of adjustments, one day I could perfectly hear again. I realized my chiropractor had something to do with it when I remembered what Dr. South had said on my first visit. The first chiropractic adjustment was done in an attempt to correct a man's hearing loss, and it worked! I cannot wait and see what other advantages will come from continuous adjustments.
Charles Hopman
Charles Hopman
I have been seeing Dr. South for about 3 months now. I originally went to see him because i had pulled out my back, but learned there were more problems with my back and neck than i could have expected. After 3 months, i feel better every day, i am no longer trying to crack my back or my neck, and based off the areas of my back that are being corrected, my acid reflux that i have had for years is almost non existent. I never knew how much control my back had on my overall health, but this is the healthiest i have felt in very long time.
Josh Swift
Josh Swift
I had never seen a Chiropractor and really did not know much about Chiropractics. I visited Dr South to help with a pain in my neck. The pain was gone in a matter of a handlful of visits but more importantly I learned how everything is related to our nervous system and how important chiropractics is to maintaining our health. I now see Dr South on a regular basis. Dr South is committed to the well being of his patients. He and his team are driven knowing they are making a positive impact on the lives of others. You will feel like part of the family after just a few visits.
Maggie Glenn
Maggie Glenn
Dr South is awesome ! He was able to help me with my back issues and headaches . Highly recommend his office . His staff is amazing . Always make you feel welcomed and cared for with endless smiles on their faces . Very attentive and accommodating .
gary collins
gary collins
This is not my first experience with Dr. South. My first time I was looking for a microwave fix for my problem or go through a long process and when that didn't happen, I stop going thinking that he couldn't help me. Wrong move on my part. My second experience with Dr. South I went with a different mind meaning I went in as if I was baking something. Sometimes a quick fix(microwave) don't work, you need a much slower process(baking) to fix the problem you are having. And that was my experience this time and me, my family, friends and co workers can see the results. I'm still seeing Dr.South due to the injury from a diving accident and I'm a lot better than when I came back.Thank you Dr. South and your team for making me feel whole again. Gary💗
Julian Christian
Julian Christian
Excellent Services. Dr. South is the best. He is very knowledgeable in chiropractic and rehabilitative care. Best Chiropractor I have seen so far with updated technology, x rays, and equipment in his offices. I highly recommend his services to others!
Kim Gardner
Kim Gardner
Dr South is one of the best chiropractors I have been to
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Auto Accident Shoulder Injuries

Although whiplash is an injury commonly associated with car crashes, shoulder injuries are another common auto accident injury. At Pike Creek Chiropractic Center in Newark, DE, we treat many shoulder injuries, including those caused by auto-accidents.

Types of Shoulder Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents

Consult a chiropractor in order to learn the nature of your auto accident injury. Ask yourself “where can I find a chiropractor near me?” and let our chiropractor examine it to determine what part(s) of the shoulder is injured. It could be:

  • A hairline fracture
  • Sprain
  • Deep tissue bruising
  • Pinched nerves
  • Rotator cuff tear

When to See a Chiropractor

You may need help:

  • If your shoulder from an auto accident injury is so painful you cannot sleep
  • If you have trouble moving your arm
  • If you have a dull ache that does not fade
  • If your arm is too weak to do its normal functions.

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Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Injuries

Our chiropractor works on helping your shoulder injury in a variety of ways. Our chiropractor spent years studying anatomy, so they are able to know how one part of the shoulder effects another, especially when injured. Our chiropractor performs many different kinds of non-invasive therapies to help ease your pain from a personal injury. Your treatment plan is made to suit you.

Spinal Adjustments

With the spine aligned, muscles, ligaments, and tendons can also align. This movement helps take pressure off of your nerves. Spinal adjustments can help patients feel more relaxed after treatment, which helps their shoulders move easier. That movement can aid in the healing process.

Posture Correction

To keep your anatomy aligned in between treatments, our chiropractor can help you with your posture. How you sit and stand can help take added pressure off of your nerves and muscles.

Contact Our Chiropractor in Newark, DE

There is no need to suffer from shoulder pain. If you are asking yourself “where can I find a chiropractor near me?” and live in the Newark, DE, area, contact Pike Creek Chiropractic Center by emailing or by calling (302) 737-9601 to make an appointment and find a chiropractor in Newark today.

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