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Sciatica Treatment In Newark, DE

Non-Surgical, Drug-Free Sciatica Treatment in Newark, DE

When you struggle with lower back pain, leg pain, and other symptoms caused by sciatica, getting through your daily activities can feel like a struggle. At Pike Creek Chiropractic Center, our chiropractors in Newark, DE, help men and women looking for pain relief from their sciatica symptoms without the need for drugs or invasive procedures.

Sciatica: A Common Cause of Lower Back Pain

Sciatica is a syndrome caused by compression of the sciatic nerve that branches off from your spinal cord in the lower back area. Sciatic nerve compression can occur due to:

  • A joint space narrowed by degenerative disc disease or stenosis
  • A herniated or bulging disc
  • A bony cyst or tumor

Advancing age is a common risk factor for sciatica, but we also see it in people who have physically demanding jobs or experience acute trauma to the spine, including a slip or fall.

What Does Sciatica Feel Like?

People with sciatic pain often describe it as sharp, shooting, stabbing, or burning. This pain often radiates from the lower back down into one or sometimes both legs.

Because the sciatic nerves also carry motor as well as sensory information to the legs, some people with sciatica experience weakness or altered reflexes in their legs. They might trip frequently or have a hard time lifting their feet.

If you have any of the above symptoms as well as new bladder or bowel incontinence or “saddle anesthesia” (loss of sensation in the groin and genital area), seek emergency medical care or call 911 immediately. This could indicate a rare, but serious condition called cauda equine syndrome, which can lead to paralysis if left untreated.

How Our Newark Chiropractors Heal Sciatica

At Pike Creek Chiropractic Center, our Newark chiropractors use a variety of chiropractic care techniques that reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve, helping it heal and alleviating your sciatica symptoms.

  • Chiropractic adjustments address the source of sciatic pain by gently retracting injured discs and joints back into normal alignment and triggering the release of natural pain killing chemicals within the nervous system
  • Physical exercises and stretches can stabilize your core, improve posture, and facilitate healing and muscular endurance
  • Modalities like low level laser therapy stimulate tissue healing at the cellular level

Even nutritional and lifestyle support help you give your body the nutrients, safe posture, and daily movement it needs to heal from and prevent sciatica.

Need Sciatica Relief?

If you live in Newark, DE, and would like to consult with a chiropractor about your sciatica pain, contact our chiropractors today at (302) 737-9601 to schedule an appointment.

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